In Memoriam

In honor of our departed classmates

Sadly, our Class of 1973 lost 60 members since we came together as students at Colgate. Numerous classmates submitted heartfelt reflections of their deceased friends, memories that now live on in our 50th Yearbook. 

Since our Yearbook’s publication, we learned of the passing of four more classmates: Kenneth Leon, Glenn Preibis, Alison Woodruff Rich, and Donald Smith Jr. May their souls rest in peace. 

All were recognized at the Service of Remembrance and Celebration of Life during our 50th Reunion Weekend. 

Highlights of the Service were an invocation from The Rev. Dr. Michael P. Hilbert, S.J., reflections by The Rev. Dr. Roger Ferlo, and the Litany of Remembrance by The Rev. Dr. Lex Tartaglia, all from the Class of 1973.

After the tolling of the Chapel bell (13 times), class member Frank Meyer accompanied by Perry Cleaveland performed “I Shall Be Released” by Bob Dylan.

If you have any questions about our deceased classmates, please contact Roger Ferlo at

Michael F. Altieri
Geraldine A. Arnett
Jim Atkinson
Brian W. Black
Ira Blatt
Bill Block
Roger T. Buchanan
Richard C. Burr
Rev. David Butler
John Byers
Anthony Calarco
Richard Caprio
Amory Carhart
Stephen P. Carpenter
Ron Carrigan
Andrew R. Cox
John S. Cramer
Paul Danckwerth
Arthur P. Deluca
Kymson F. Des Jardins
Fred Diehl
Jonathan E. Dubert
B. J. Ebbels
Michael Erba
Jim Erbeck
Michael Gernsheimer
Clark Good
Geoff Goodman
David R. Goodrich
Bob Green
Tom Halley
Eugene W. Hicks
John Hurlbut
Russell C. Immermann
James Jannuzzo
Bob Kahn
Karen Sullivan Kaulins
Gregory M. Kolovakos
Kenneth Leon
Jim Lomonosoff
Chris D. McFarlane
Ed McGuinn
James Nendza
Bob Newcomb
Jerry O’Leary
Richard M. Ovestrud
David N. Palmer
Glenn Preibis
Charles Resnick
Alison Woodruff Rich
John A. Savage
Steve Scammell
Bob Shure
Donald Smith Jr.
Francis T. Stack
Ronald Taylor
Alan Van Arsdal
John R. Webb
Craig L. Webster
Scott J. Wheaton

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