50th Reunion Yearbook

Dear Classmates,

The three of us—all members of the Colgate class of 1973– are excited to act as editors of our 50th Reunion Yearbook, which will be distributed free of charge to all members of the class of 1973 early next spring. You will receive your copy well in advance of our reunion on campus June 1-4, 2023, when we very much hope you will join us.

The Reunion Yearbook will feature archival photographs of our four years at Colgate, a four-year timeline of events both campus-based and global, some commissioned short pieces and excerpts from the archives, and (where available) obituaries and classmates’ reminiscences of colleagues who have passed on. But the most important feature of any reunion yearbook is the set of autobiographical reflections and photographs provided by every participant.

Many of you have kept some form of contact with Colgate since graduation, but we suspect that there are many others for whom this might be the first contact with the college and with your classmates in many years. As we have begun assembling archival material and photographs, we are reminded again and again that our four years at Colgate were marked by significant change in the college and tumultuous events in the nation—the war in Vietnam, the draft lottery, Watergate, continued clashes over civil rights and the war, the beginnings of ecological awareness, the rise of feminist activism, the aftermath of Stonewall.

What we hope to learn and to share with you in this 50th Reunion Yearbook, besides a composite portrait of the class fifty years on, is a sense of what really matters to us as Colgate graduates a half century later. What was it about our experience at Colgate in those tumultuous four years that has stayed with us, even shaped who we are?

We also invite you to submit your remembrances of our deceased classmates, even if you lost touch after graduation. The names of classmates who have passed away and instructions on how to submit your reflections and memories of them can be found here.

We look forward to hearing from you and reuniting with you in Hamilton next June.

Your Class of 1973 50th Reunion Yearbook Committee:

Roger Ferlo
Eleanor McNees
Steven Worthy

Final Deadline for In Memoriam Submissions: December 16, 2022 

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